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Fashion Shows? Amazing Fashion Shows!

Friday’s Show Event Listing: 18 & Up R-Rated Variety Gore-Fest~ A True Blood-Y Feast For The Senses!

Saturday’s Show Event Listing: Crypticon Seattle Fashion Show & Costume Contest

Looks like a great show. Get tickets now!

Friday Night Event Performers & Designers:
This 18 & Up Variety Show is R-Rated and not to be missed! We will have Performance Artists, Killer Fashions, Naughty bits, Tasty Treats and Fancy Feasts. This event will surely leave you hungry for More Gore!  Headlining Performers include the stunning Gorelesque Troupe~The Gore Gore Girls! Also performing will be Noel Austin and his merry band of Pure Cirkus brand art and fashion!

See you there, if you Dare! Be sure to tell all your fiends!


The Gore Gore Girls
Website: www.gorelesque.com

The Gore Gore Girls are Seattle’s one and only gorelesque performance troupe!  We specialize in horror, gore, and zombie based performances. Blood, brains, and rock n’ roll – We are your partners in GRIME!


D.N.A Designs In Collaboration With “Pure Cirkus” Freaks

DESIGNERS for Friday Night:

D.N.A Designs
Website: http://www.noelaustin.com/

D.N.A. Designs is a new fast way to approach a world that demands true style. Born from the streets I grew up on, I was that dirty punk rock kid sitting on the street corner sewing on patches on my pants that I got at the hardcore show the night before. Beer, drugs, and fast snotty music is what gave me inspiration to fill my leather jacket full of studs. And as I grew up and changed my life I kept my style and my beliefs. People would ask where I got my clothes and I would say I made them. Next thing you know I started making designs for other people. Now I have some help from my friends and my business partner, Talbot Shoemaker, so here we are, if you don’t like what we are doing I say to you, “Fuck off.” As things grew and became the creature that it is today, this creature that brings you sex, violence, fear, and joy. It is more than fashion its a way of life, built from a world in fashion by the dinosaurs of today. We are here to change the world and make it ok to be a hot, sexy mess. So please take my hand, and fuck you, let’s rodeo.

The Crypt
Website: http://www.cryptleather.com/seattle/

The Crypt: Sexy Stuff For Sexy People.

Morph Clothing
Website: http://morph-clothing.com/

Morph Clothing is an online boutique of high-end streetwear currently based out of Toronto, Ontario. All of our current items are made and designed in Canada. Therefore, we only sell garments of the highest quality clothing for women and men.
The word Morph means to transform. It’s only fitting that Arlene decided to call her clothing line Morph because it applies to both her personal life and her design aesthetic: change + evolve.
Morph has been featured in Dazed and Confused, Redskin Mag, Gothic Beauty Magazine, Pulp Magazine, Skin Two Magazine, Goth Magazine and other print publications in featured Arlene as one of its up and coming new fashion designers. Morph is currently based in Toronto, Ontario. Developed for the ever-changing urban environment and guided by underground subcultures, Arlene mixes styles with her own interpretation of these cultures to create her designs; she follows a natural process of evolution with her designs. Arlene is constantly searching for new, interesting ideas to inspire her and she finds that her spur-of-the-moment ideas are usually the most successful.
The entire collection retails from $75-$300 and is currently available at selected boutiques in Canada, and the United States. For wholesale information, please contact us at info@morph-clothing.com.

Helene Hawthorne Fashions

Website: http://www.etsy.com/shop/hhfashions

Local designer specializing in original costumes, hats, corset, accessories, jewelry and more. I’ll be in the vendor room all weekend selling my clothing.

Evil Pawn Jewelry
Website: http://www.evilpawnjewelry.com/

Evil Pawn Jewelry by Faith Evangeline. A fusion of Antique, vintage, goth, bohemian, glamour, old costume, and Native American Jewelry. All done DARK! Home of the copyrighted Cameo Skull. Adorn Yourself in Metal.

Cleo Wolfus Designs
Website: www.cleowolfus.etsy.com

“Accessories for adults playing dress-up.”


Winter Fetish
Website: http://winterfetish.com
Since 1998 we’ve been creating fetish fashion and fantasies from high
quality materials. All of our products are designed and manufactured
right here in Seattle WA.

CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS for Friday’s 18&Up Event: DJ LIGHTRAY~Currently spinning 80s/Goth/Synthpop/Modern Dance every Tuesday night @ Neighbours Underground. Artist Jason Green


Fancy Terrible Clothing
Website: http://www.fancyterribleclothing.com

“This wasn’t just plain terrible, this was fancy terrible. This was terrible with raisins in it.” ~ Dorothy Parker
Goth Lolita Clothing Line based in Seattle, WA. Hats, jewelry, skirts, jackets, blouses, corsets, dresses, bloomers, burlesque-wear, tights, other accessories. Also the creator of FANG! The Cuppycake: Cupcake of DOOOOM! T-Shirts available here along with other products from House of High Maintenance. Find us on Facebook or Twitter!  (NOTE TO WEBMISTRESS-please add this linkhttp://fancyterrible.spreadshirt.com/fang-the-cuppycake-C49833 to the word “here” in the last sentence.


Last Wear
Website: http://www.lastwear.com

Lastwear is a group of three designers. They design clothing for outlanders, steampunks reality hackers and temporal misfits. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most durable products on the market. They hope their designs will inspire people to see the world a little differently. You can find them online at lastwear.com or you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


XIV Minutes
Website: http://www.xivminutes.com/

Johnathan  McMinn & Rachel Carnahan are the designers behind XIVminutes.  Both coming from creative backgrounds they decided to start this line while working on a charity runway show.  Johnathan & Rachel’s background focuses in abstract art, modeling, runway production, designing and the study of couture.

This will be XIVminutes last event in the area as we are relocating to LA in July.

Mekanikal Angel Chain Fallz™ and Metal Dreadz™


See information above about these designers.

Evil Pawn Jewelry
Cleo Wolfus Designs
Helene Hawthorne Fashions
Morph Clothing

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