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Spaceship Terror!! At Crypticon Friday night!

Harwen Productions LLC. is pleased to announce its newest film  written and directed by Harry Tchinski. ‘Spaceship Terror’ a demented and mad look at a killer with a love for torturing and killing of innocent people out in the far reaches of space.

It stars Jay Wesley Cochran, as the mad captain, and Kristen Springer as the leader of a small group of five women and one male pilot on their way to their next duty station. While on their journey their military transport crashes on a small uninhabited planet, but they are able to send out a s.o.s before crashing and destroying their transport. Shortly after crashing  they are picked up by a old derelict space vessel which heard their s.o.s and came for them right away. Once picked up they find themselves trapped and unable to escape from the strange lifeless ship.  From that moment on they find themselves fighting to stay alive while the ships demented mad capt. does everything possible to frighten and torment his female captives before killing and in some cases feeding on them while they are still alive.

If you’re a diehard horror/sci-fi fan you will find yourself talking about some of the most why out slasher moments
you’ve ever seen. Get ready to close your eyes tight because you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Learn more at the official website and follow all the fun on Facebook: “Spaceship Terror” fan page.

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