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This Looks Fun

Showbox and The Stranger present
Cinematic Titanic: Original Cast & Creator of Mystery Science Theater

Day: Fri, Jun 11, 2010
6:00 and 9:30
Ticket Prices*: $36.00 ADV-$40.00 DOS

CINEMATIC TITANIC is the feature-length movie riffing show from the
creator and original cast of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000. Like MST3K,
the show was created by JOEL HODGSON and features the same team that
first brought the Peabody award winning cult-classic series to life:
TRACE BEAULIEU (Crow, Dr. Forrester), J. ELVIS WEINSTEIN (Tom Servo, Dr.
Erhardt), FRANK CONNIFF (TV’s Frank), and MARY JO PEHL (Pearl
Forrester), Cinematic Titanic continues the tradition of riffing on ‘the
unfathomable’, ‘the horribly great’, and the just plain ‘cheesy’ movies
from the past.

Founded in late 2007, Cinematic Titanic is reconnecting the CT crew
with MSTies around the world as well as bringing new fans to the comedy
art form first introduced by this group 20 years ago on television.


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